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Low Carb Angel Rolls - Fresh Baked

Low Carb Angel Rolls - Fresh Baked

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LC-Foods has fantastic fresh baked, low carb angel rolls, a heavenly cross between a roll and a biscuit, with only 1 net carb per biscuit. They are baked in a 6" round paper bakeware for safe shipping and easy reheating. Amazing taste you can serve and enjoy. You can also heat our angel biscuits in your oven or toaster oven at 300°F for 4-5 minutes. Your friends and family won't believe they're low carb! This is truly great low carb bread!

Start off your day with a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit or ham and cheese biscuits.  Lunchtime is a breeze with a sliced biscuit and chicken salad or egg salad.  Our favorite is serving a warm angel biscuit with a delicious low carb soup.... yummy!

With only 1 net carb per biscuit, we guarantee that our fresh baked low carb rolls are the best tasting and most affordable on the market! You will get 8 delicious biscuits per package. Our fresh baked low carb biscuits have 10g of dietary fiber and 8g of protein per biscuit. This means it will keep you fuller for longer and has the fiber built in to regulate and assist with protein digestion to keep you healthier. 

These fresh baked low carb rolls are delivered to you fresh from our ovens on the day they're baked. Never frozen. Never old. And you don't have to mix it and bake it. You just get fresh - open the bag, heat if desired and serve. So easy and delicious! (and did we mention only 1 net carbs per biscuit?). These are the most delicious biscuits you've had since you started the low carb lifestyle!  

Our biscuits feature premium wheat proteins, natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or "junk" that you see in many biscuits. We never use soy proteins or lecithin either! There is never any protein texture or flavor to our biscuits (or anything else we make!) - they just taste like a heavenly biscuit, but super low carb with a great protein serving to boot!  Finally - home delivered fresh baked low carb biscuits. No junk ingredients. No pre-frozen product.

As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) 

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