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Low Carb Dip Sticks - Fresh Baked

Low Carb Dip Sticks - Fresh Baked

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So, you're making those great low carb, paleo and ketogenic dips to enjoy and then looking for something to dip with. A carrot or a celery stick maybe...? Your troubles are over with LC Foods Dip Sticks! Fresh baked, low carb, sea salted dip sticks of toasted goodness, are made and sliced special for you! With just .4 net carbs per 9 stick serving size, you will not hurt your low carb eating plan. Amazing taste with toasted sea salt, perfect texture and the best part "no preparation needed." Crispy and tasty - the perfect accompaniment to your special homemade dips instead of chips. So delicious, you might just eat them right out of the bag as a low carb snack!

These long dipping sticks promise to dip without getting any on your fingers and without breaking. Delicious taste, all natural ingredients- no added junk. These fresh baked sea salted Dip Sticks are delivered to you fresh from our ovens. Fresh baked, never frozen.

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