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Low Carb Pumpkin Bread Mix

Low Carb Pumpkin Bread Mix

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Low carb pumpkin bread with just 1 net carb per slice! Tastes delicious! This is truly great low carb bread!

Looking for a breakfast alternative? Try our low carb pumpkin bread! Pumpkin is naturally low in net carbs, so why not enjoy some scrumptious pumpkin bread? Super easy to make - just add butter, pumpkin, eggs and cream to the mix, bake and voila - the best tasting pumpkin bread you've had since starting the low carb lifestyle! Add walnuts or our low carb fruit preserves for variety. Add a generous handful of our low carb dark chocolate chips for chocolate chip pumpkin bread! Enjoy warm from the oven. Perfect for gift giving!

This low carb pumpkin bread has a healthy dose of dietary fiber and protein. As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) and no preservatives!

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